jueves, septiembre 12, 2013

Again an argentinian project won the Innovation Technology Awards

This time in the 21th International Smalltalk Conference in Annecy, France, the winner of the Innovation Technology Awards is the project Oz Recovery Tools by Guillermo Polito.

Oz is an open source (experimental) platform for object spaces in Pharo. An object environment can be completely manipulated from another one, in the same process.

The second price is for Amber Smalltalk from Nicolas Petton and the third one is for Phratch from Jannik Laval.

Congratulations to the winners!

Some pics of the winners herehere and here in the ESUG 2013 album from Stephane Eggermont.

Note: BTW, beautiful jacket Guillermo, the glorious CABJ also winning in ESUG!

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