jueves, septiembre 11, 2008

How to change the Aida/Web banner

I'm in the way of use and learn Aida/Web and Scribo and I'm starting using Scribo as wiki.

In this way I need to learn a lot of things, and I will post here some small "how to's" of things that may be useful to other people in the same way as me.

After install all the needed packages in a Squeak image, and having Scribo running, the first thing may be desirable may be to change the Aida banner for an own one.

Then, you need to "save as" such banner and generate a new image of the same size that which you saved, decorate it with your own graphics and then do the following:

1. Evaluate in a workspace on your Aida image:

WebStyle new importImage: 'aidabannergif' from: 'aidabannergif.gif'.

were aidabanner.gif is the name of the graphics file on your image directory and #aidabannergif the name of the method to be created on the WebStyle class under the category imgs.

2. Replace the content of the method #aidaBannerGif of class DefaultWebStyle with the content of the recent created in the step 1 and it's all.

To end, you should delete the method #aidabannergif on class WebStyle to maintain your image as clean as possible.

Of course, this is the quick and dirty method to have things as fast as possible, but the correct way should be create your own webstyle. Surely I will talk about this topic sooner or later.

viernes, septiembre 05, 2008

Smalltalk/X site revamped

Yesterday, after a comment from Janko Mivšek (the author of Aida/Web), about a new port of his product, this time to Smalltalk/X I felt the need of visit the Exept Software AG site, that don't visited from a long time.

Was great to check that the site was completely revamped and a new version of Smalltalk/X is available.

I downloaded and installed the Linux version (see the attached pic) and it runs ok on my Xubuntu box.

After the installaton, I checked the documentation, in parts I knew from the past were incompletes and another great new! They are now completed and extended!. (At least those docs I knew from previous versions).

I already invested some time in the past in Smalltalk/X, were we used to have a wiki on the now defunct swiki.net and even a mail list, were Claus Gittinger posted sometimes.

Again, I want to give a try to ST/X, hope I will have time soon.