sábado, junio 26, 2010

ESUG will sponsor the XMLRPC project!

ESUG will sponsor my project XMLRPC Support for Pharo/Squeak HTTP Clients.

Scope: XMLRPC is a spec and a set of implementations that allow software running on disparate operating systems, running in different environments to make procedure calls over the Internet. Such calls are on XML format and sent by HTTP POST method.

The proposal of this project is implement XMLRPC, as a general purpose protocol, for clients written in Pharo and Squeak make requests of servers supporting the protocol.

My plan is start from a client named Spy, currently on Squeaksource that is from 2005 and update it with the current state of the protocol XMLRPC and Pharo/Squeak tools (XML Parser, HTTP Clients, Installers, etc). I already added ByteString support.

Also I plan develop a set of examples to use XMLRPC against the best know sites that support the protocol on its servers, as for example Flickr, Youtube, etc.

Motivation: The main motivation of this project is develop a new interface needed to people using Pharo/Squeak can interact with servers supporting XMLRPC.

Of course, the result of this project, will be released with the MIT license.

And the very good new to me is that ESUG selected this project on their "Support your project" program, so they will be helping me financially. Thanks you very much ESUG!

The page to documentation and news about this project is this: XMLRPC Project.

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