viernes, diciembre 05, 2008

PasswordsPro is ready to download (and buy)!

After the presentation of ClavesPC on ESUG 2008 I received some suggestions to release the same product but on English language.

Being that the product isn't anymore of my property because I sold it to the company Solo10 we talked and agreed to make an English version with the name PasswordsPro.

As usual, I did the product development work and Solo10 the graphics, site and commercial and marketing tasks.

As I started the development (when I first developed the Spanish version) with the multilingual option in mind, wasn't a big effort having the two versions living on the same sources and compile each one with a few settings.

The same to the installer, developed with NSIS and HM NIS Edit.

And, after some days of work, PasswordsPro is here, ready to help protect your private data! Check the screenshots page.

And, if you are a smalltalker, be prepared to the offer we are working on. Soon more info, so stay tunned!

miércoles, diciembre 03, 2008

Aida/Scribo Console

In the way of make Aida/Scribo a bit more user friendly to a non smalltalker user, Janko asked on the Aida list by the development of a little operation console.

I taken the job and developed a Morphic console to operate the basic aspects detaileds on Janko's mail.

The current version of the console permits:
To have the console working on your image, you can download it from its repository and make the following changes on SwazooServer class:
  • Add the instance method #isServing (under the category testing) with the following content:
^self servers notEmpty
  • Add the instance method #watchdogOther empty (on the category private-watchdog)
The console has two different interfaces (another way to show the power of Smalltalk) as you can see on the following pics:

To show it, evaluates: ScriboConsole basicView.

To show it, evaluates:
ScriboConsole fullView.

Enjoy it!