miércoles, diciembre 03, 2008

Aida/Scribo Console

In the way of make Aida/Scribo a bit more user friendly to a non smalltalker user, Janko asked on the Aida list by the development of a little operation console.

I taken the job and developed a Morphic console to operate the basic aspects detaileds on Janko's mail.

The current version of the console permits:
To have the console working on your image, you can download it from its repository and make the following changes on SwazooServer class:
  • Add the instance method #isServing (under the category testing) with the following content:
^self servers notEmpty
  • Add the instance method #watchdogOther empty (on the category private-watchdog)
The console has two different interfaces (another way to show the power of Smalltalk) as you can see on the following pics:

To show it, evaluates: ScriboConsole basicView.

To show it, evaluates:
ScriboConsole fullView.

Enjoy it!

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