sábado, febrero 28, 2009

Dolphin Smalltalk Video Tutorials

After a mail on comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin asking about the development of an air traffic control radar display simulation, Andy Bower (one of the makers of Dolphin Smalltalk) responded that was working on some screencasts about creation of simulations on Dolphin.

The screencasts are ready now, and you can watch them at:

Part 2: Programming Animation in Dolphin Smalltalk

The only suggestion to Andy could be to speak a bit more slowly (at least to not fluent English speakers as me).

Thanks Andy by the tutorials!

domingo, febrero 15, 2009

An important poll to my business

Some time ago on OISV forum I was remarked that the name of my company sound very bad (as a bad word) on English because the pronunciation.

When I selected such name I was searching a name that sound aproximately the same on English and Spanish (my native language), and a bit short, to make easy the people remember it. Then ArSol comes to my mind as an acronym of my last name and the word "solutions".

I used it a lot of years, invested a lot of time and money on it, but wihtout being aware about this bad meaning on English. Now I'm relly worried by the need of change the name to stay on business (The global market to any MicroISV talk English) .

Some persons of BoS forum and OISV forum tell me that I must change the name to have opportunity on the English market (were I already worked and sold software and services even with such name) and other persons (mainly from other countries of Europe) tell me that is a good name, that don't sound bad to they.

Then, guess what? I thinked on a poll to ask about this important (to me) topic, and is here (Thanks by your vote!):

viernes, febrero 06, 2009

MicroISV and Smalltalk - Part I

Surely I will not write here anything new, but I hope help others MicroISV developers to discover the power of Smalltalk.

This first post about this topic will be short, trying not bore you, and is only to comment that when published that famous Byte Magazine August 81 about Smalltalk, a "must read" article was inside: "Design Principles Behind Smalltalk".

May be I will talk more about this later, but want to focus now on a principle very important to MicroISV developers:

Personal Mastery: If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.

Exactly to MicroISV, don't think?

To end, I want to point an interesting introductory article about Dolphin Smalltalk published by Bitwise Magazine in August 2005, press here to read it.

More articles about Smalltalk on this same magazine.

The image of this article was taken from Bitwise Magazine with permit of the editor.

domingo, febrero 01, 2009

Second Poll about MicroISV profitability

First of all, let me thanks all the voters of my previous poll!.

Even lot of people think that the future (and present ) of the most apps is the web format, surfing MicroISV sites, is possible to see lots of desktop apps.

Not all apps are suitables to be on web format, right, but I'm talking of such apps that could be presented even as web or desktop app.

I know that the question may sound so general, but I want to ask opinions from the point of view of potential of sales, development costs, future possibilities and with the goal of reach the broader possible customer base.

Feel free to send me your comments besides the vote,