domingo, febrero 15, 2009

An important poll to my business

Some time ago on OISV forum I was remarked that the name of my company sound very bad (as a bad word) on English because the pronunciation.

When I selected such name I was searching a name that sound aproximately the same on English and Spanish (my native language), and a bit short, to make easy the people remember it. Then ArSol comes to my mind as an acronym of my last name and the word "solutions".

I used it a lot of years, invested a lot of time and money on it, but wihtout being aware about this bad meaning on English. Now I'm relly worried by the need of change the name to stay on business (The global market to any MicroISV talk English) .

Some persons of BoS forum and OISV forum tell me that I must change the name to have opportunity on the English market (were I already worked and sold software and services even with such name) and other persons (mainly from other countries of Europe) tell me that is a good name, that don't sound bad to they.

Then, guess what? I thinked on a poll to ask about this important (to me) topic, and is here (Thanks by your vote!):

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gulik dijo...

As a native English speaker, I can say that you should definitely change the name! In English, your name sounds exactly like a really, really bad insult, and any English speaker is likely to make jokes about your company name.

The similarity isn't even subtle or remotely obscure; it's very obvious. It is about as bad as naming a company MartherFarker or Schithed.

Germán Arduino dijo...

Thanks by your comment!