martes, enero 27, 2009

Software Profitability to a Micro-ISV

As entrepreneur of software industry I would like to collect some opinions about different questions related with the business of a Micro-ISV. In such sense I've the idea of publish some polls to know the opinion of other people, mainly people related with the IT industry with some experience on these topics.

Let me start with a simple poll to identify what sort of software is worth to develop, selecting only between two options.

Thanks in advance by your participation!

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Teekay dijo...

Hi, perhaps you should narrow down the options (from the "cloud" level to the "sea" level); I wonder if the responses will have any meaningful value.


Business Applications: accounting, CRM, marketing automation, employee compensation

Developer tools: IDE, compilers, version control, ...


Tomas Kohl (from BoS forum)

Germán Arduino dijo...

Thanks by your comment Tomas!

By now, my goal is to have this big picture. I know that exist tons of possibilities, contexts, etc, but I'm interested in this simple question.

Thanks again by your time!

Corgiguy dijo...

hello german

interesting poll.

within business applications maybe you should look at what type of business apps are more profitable for misvs