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viernes, diciembre 23, 2011

PasswordsPro 3 released!

After months of design and development of new ideas and tons of hours of testing, finally PasswordsPro 3 is ready to be downloaded

All the current customers that want to migrate to the new version only must drop us a mail and we will send the new license for the version 3.

Several friends helped me in this process with ideas, suggestions, really thanks you very much to all them, and let me give a very very special thankful to my friend Claudio Bianchi, owner of FreeSharewareDepot by the invaluable help I received from him, with ideas and their clear vision about the shareware market. Thanks you Claudio!

PasswordsPro is a passwords and notes manager that permits to store in a single file lots of passwords, userids, notes and so, having to remember only one password that protect the whole file.

To stay tunned with the news of PasswordsPro follow us in Twitter, visit our website or visit our Facebook page and remember that you can try PasswordsPro for free for 30 days with no limitations. Download it now and enjoy!

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