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Porting SWT to trunk / Pharo - Report 1

I'm working on port SWT (Smalltalk Web Toolkit) to the latest versions of Squeak and Pharo.

SWT was developed and used extensively on Squeak 3.8 and I'm trying now to port it to 3.10 trunk and Pharo (Closures enabled images).

The process of install and run SWT on an image may change depending if the image has the web tools installed (Comanche, Seaside) or not.

On an image with the web tools installed, the process is very straightforward, only matter of install the packages from the repository.

On an image without the web tools, the steps are the following:
Install from squeaksource:
  1. KomServices-gc.19
  2. DynamicBindings-GiovanniCorriga.10
  3. KomHttpServer-GiovanniCorriga.50
  4. Modify the class MessageSends adding the methods #value: and #evaluateWithArguments (methods coming from Seaside).
I added these methods on a category *swt-nonseaside when the image don't have Seaside installed.

The installation of SWT and friends is so easy, only point the squeaksource repository: 

    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/SWT'
    user: ''
    password: '' 
and install in order: 

  • JSON
  • Lock
  • Asteroid
  • SWT
When the installation ended, some issues appear (Are the issues I'm working on).
They are:  
1. On the web tests of ST2JS are 3 tests failing and only 1 [*] on the ST2JS Test Runner.
2. Starting up Asteroid and going to the default url (http://localhost:9999) the first browser connect and works ok, but trying to connect more browser windows, all remains disconnected.
3. Anyway the most of sample applications works ok, except from some encoding issue.
[*] Really exists 2 failing tests but the first one, #testSimplest is only a matter that the javascript get generated in different order than the one compared in the test:

The signaled line need to be arranged on the comparation as is generated now with new Squeak/Pharo and it's all.

Well, this is the current status of the port, but I will not be working on this in the next few weeks, because I need to come back to the work for money :)

Sorry with the bad formatting, but I'm tired of fight with these questions on blogspot (The wysiwyg editor show a thing and render another and I don't have time to edit pure html). May be is time to change my blogging platform.

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