lunes, noviembre 23, 2009

SWT on Smalltalks 2009

Smalltalks 2009 was held on November 19-20-21 on University of Buenos Aires. Was my first time there and hope not the last!.

All the conferences I attended were great and more great was the people I knew, all very friendly with me and Alejandro (We traveled together).

We enjoy all the conferences and tutoriales and also all the nice talks with the people of FAST and the other attendants and guests. In particular was an honour to us the possibility of give a technical talk about SWT (Smalltalk Web Toolkit) and between the people present we count Dan Ingalls!

Thanks to all the attendants to our talk, thanks to FAST by the possibility of be giving the talk, thanks to our friends Edgar, Francisco and Alex by the excellent companionship sharing the room of the hotel.

Also a big thanks to the distinguished guest that shared all their knowledgment with us, specially to James Foster, Stephan Ducasse (see pic) and Dan Ingalls.

We hope to be again sharing good Smalltalks talks on 2010!

Some more pics here.

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