jueves, noviembre 04, 2010

Smalltalk and MicroISVs

This is the talk I'll be giving on Smalltalks 2010 next week.

The idea behind this talk is show the potential of Smalltalk to be used on MicroISV world (small companies, mostly of only one person, developing packaged or custom software).

Being Arduino Software itself a MicroISV, the talk will comment the own experiences, with different tools, and the advantages obtained with Smalltalk.

A quick pane for the different solutions developed from year 2003 (Year of definitive adoption of Smalltalk in Arduino Software) to show the audience the wide range of possibilities and how Smalltalk helps also on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Finally, some references to the MicroISV world (organizations, sites, forums, events) to help introduce the audience on this world.

Pic information:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimmerswitch/3609801758/sizes/m/in/photostream/ / License

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