domingo, abril 01, 2012

Some data about the visits on PasswordsPro site in March 2012

Speaking with some fellows of MicroISV world, we talked about the importance or not of have localized version of our products (in languages other than English).

Then I decided to write these lines to show some real data of the visits on the website of PasswordsPro in the month of March 2012.

The first image show the origin of the site visitors, the dark green is from where more visitors come, in this case USA. (I settled my adwords campaigns on USA because is the country where I have more customers and sales).

Currently over 80% of users of PasswordsPro are from USA and the rest are divided between other English-speaking countries as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain. Some countries that buy also, but are not native English speakers are Germany, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, India, Spain and some other that I can stay on the shelf. Note that no Spanish speaker country, except for the users from Spain.

The next image show the average pages per visit, in this case 3,33. Is interesting to note that the visits with more pages per visit are from countries that currently are not buying licenses, as Algeria, China, South Africa, Colombia and Mexico. The people that effectively buy seems to be the people that less pages surf.

The next one is related with the previous and show the average time per visit, where China is the winner with great advantage, with more than 12 minutes average per visit. Again, the countries that effectively buy licenses have only an average of 2 minutes on the site per visit. Other "no-buying" countries as Egypt and Algeria also have high average per visit (Around 5/6 minutes). Strange to me.

Finally, the country where I make my major efforts is USA because is here where the customers are and the sales. In March I had visits for almost all the states and sales in a bunch of they also. Thanks to all the PasswordsPro customers!

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"The Coach" dijo...

Hi Germán. Thanks for these maps, very helpful.

But on my screen your first map show users from throughout almost all of South America, and with a particularly darker green (though not dark as the U.S.) shading for Argentina? Is that correct?

All of the other maps and analyses are really interesting! Thanks for doing this.

Germán Arduino dijo...

You are welcome!

Yes, it's correct, lot of visits from Argentina, may be is because I'm from Argentina and I live in Argentina but, believe me, I have no a single sale here.

Thanks for reading!

C.I.O.M. dijo...

Ahh, my mistake...I read it too quickly. So those are just *visits*, not purchases. Even more amazing that you have visits from nearly all of South America and yet not one sale!

Best of luck for perhaps that changing, but glad to see you're doing well elsewhere.